Our Story

Everything began with Sebastian’s internet fascination in his teens when he started coding up his first websites. Nevertheless, a long-lasting influence on his life was triggered the moment his dad was made redundant and left on his own with his side computer business. Life was an everyday struggle and with lowering household income his whole family could feel tightening belts. They’ve become one of many struggling families during Polish transformation into the capitalism-driven economy.

Many years later Sebastian moved to the UK and started studying business, marketing and deepened his technical understanding. He became strongly aware that his dad’s business failed because of weak marketing and sales functions, relying on limited amounts of existing clients and referrals.

By learning and working with small businesses we got where we are today. As an agency, we realise that thousands of businesses are run based on luck and waiting for the phone call to happen. Effectively those aspiring entrepreneurs have created 100 hours a week jobs for themselves, often being paid less than the National Minimum Wage, or simply struggling to support their families and realise their dreams the way they want.

Sebastian has been there. We’ve been there. And we can tell you this. There is no reason. Absolutely no reason why you’d have to stay in this position.

We help businesses like yours systemise marketing activity aligning it with business objectives and sales requirements every day.

Core values we eat, breath, embrace and infuse into every single marketing campaign:

  • Top class professionals and experts – marketing is our business and its our business to market your products and services in a professional and effective way. To achieve this, we’re committed to learn and forge our skills through exploration and experience every day, staying ahead of the game. We’re vanguards of online communication.
  • Business Focused – Unlike other fluffy marketing agencies, we set campaign expectations. Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic and timebound goals.
  • Commercially aware – we know you need to hit your targets no matter what, and we’re determined to make them happen.
  • Passionate and Enthusiastic – We love internet marketing, it’s the sense of our professional lives, and if your business excites us in the same way we’ll commit 120% of our energy to your growth.
  • Process Obsessed and Data Driven – one off marketing gestures don’t work. We’ve put business, research, creative and marketing processes and project plans in place to ensure every campaign has a solid starting point. Every step is driven by your market data and your business goals to take advantage of opportunities you have in the marketplace.
  • Performance-Based and Accountable – Our performance model enables us to be fully accountable for our campaigns and have our skin in the game.