Bring the Fire Project is a growing performing fire and arts collective and when we’ve been approached to design their new brand and website, we’ve been challenged to create a more professional look for them to match their new marketing and sales strategy with business openings, high end parties, wedding shows and when working with educational organisations.

Website became the most important part of their marketing collateral and also helped them showcase their Japanese Night performance which gathered over 1000 people during The Light Festival in Liverpool streamed by BBC. This lead to greater collaboration and production of Fire Arts Festival in 2015 and continuing success planning further projects.

Building Bridges with Poland

Brand new Building Bridges with Poland consortium needed new branding and full marketing collateral including brochures, leaflets, business cards and website. We are also working with them to deliver online and offline promotion.

The Lemon Collective

The Lemon Collective have been running a WordPress blog on wordpress.com and needed a brand new self hosted site which looked good and showcased their work  influenced by immersive theatre, RPGs and augmented reality gaming, exploring ideas on audience perspective, problem-solving and creating interactive environments. After working with them on careful selection of photographs and content. We also proposed new branding and colour scheme.


Martin from buildastickers.co.uk was previously running a shopify store for a while along his eBay store and needed a new solution for his growing online business. We have designed for him new branding,  colour scheme and banners so his brand new e commerce store fully embraces his fabulous stickers.

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