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Rhetoric can help your business with SEO. We specialise in online marketing, use contemporary communications methods and just do what we say we will. We help local businesses like yours get to first page of Google with ultimate goal of increasing inquiries and growing your business in your local city, surrounding areas and beyond.

Organic search engine optimisation is crucial for you to target your demographics with clear purchase intent, or spread the brand awareness in what you do. We will help you with all aspects of SEO from keyword research, website technical optimisation to improvement of content quality so you can out rank your toughest competitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many pages my websites needs?

In general, it depends on how many products or services you have, and in how many markets you work with. For example, if you offer services in your town, you may as well need to have pages that cover the surrounding areas. Do you need to have page for every single area? No, absolutely not. We can help you do the necessary research an decide which locations are worth optimising for Local SEO based on search volumes and interest in your business and products.

What does quality content mean?

These days quality content is such a buzz word, and doesn’t help in understanding regardless whether you are in London or somewhere else. When we say that you need quality content to rank for such competitive locations like London, or any large city for that matter – we mean that you need at least 500 – 750 words supported by images, videos and possibly a voiceover of the text. This is to provide truly spectacular experience for your visitors and help them decide to get in touch with you.

Do I need web developer to do SEO?

Technical search engine optimisation side is challenging, however most of the time you won’t need a developer as SEO Specialists are quite technical at heart. There are times however that your SEO might have to collaborate with your web developer of web development agency to get your site properly setup.

Why do I need to pay for premium hosting?

Usually, self built sites, free and cheap hosting packages are poor in terms of server response times what slows down your site and often causes disruption when site goes down. Premium, fully managed solution from trusted partner ensures continuity of service and smooth user experience. We know that for your visitors your site might be blazing fast but in many scenarios they will try accessing it from remote locations or abroad and they’re likely to struggle if you cut your budget on hosting.

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