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Search Engine Optimisation / SEO

Search Engine Optimisation, in short SEO is an online marketing strategy meant to increase the amount of natural, organic traffic to your site. It is about providing good quality information on your site in a well structured architecture so it’s easy to find for your clients and search engine robots can crawl it with no technical issues. Furthermore, it is about PR outreach to build up your authority online through other sites linking to your content and people sharing it with their communities using various channels.

Our Expertise

We are experienced SEO focused marketing agency based in Liverpool, and we know how to help small and medium sized businesses in raising their rankings. We have designed and delivered multiple SEO strategies using white hat SEO tactics. We cover all aspects of SEO

Technical optimisation

In the initial audit, we will check out your performance tracking tools, like Google Search Console (previously known as Webmaster Tools), Google Analytics or any other analytics platform you may use and make sure everything is set up correctly to and we can track what we are doing. Furthermore, we will look at you site structure, on page optimisation and will see if there are any flaws that might drag the performance of your site down. This will include missing and duplicated meta data, URL structure, orphan pages detection, thin and duplicated content and many others.

Content development

Thin, low value, badly structured and dull content with poor internal linking and no citations is probably one of the key reasons why websites perform badly in search. This is the reason why we put a lot of pressure on content marketing and outreach programmes. After all Google is looking to provide the most relevant, interesting and engaging content for their user and your potential client and this is what we will deliver.

Types of content we use to attract your buying personas:

Awareness of need

Consideration research

Analysis & comparison


To meet those needs and different purchasing stages we could use following content:

  • common challenges and potential solutions
  • case studies
  • products and solutions pages
  • testimonials
  • videos
  • infographics
  • brochures
  • galleries
  • specifications
  • comparison matrixes