Despite some of the myths saying that email marketing is dead, this channel is still doing well and is one of the most effective digital marketing for small business you can use. It works for both B2C and B2B companies, therefore you should strongly consider it if you want to increase your sales and provide a personal touch to your communications.

The average open rate of email campaigns in the UK is at 21.3%, and the average return on investment for email marketing is 2964%. That’s £29.64 for every £1 spent. (DMA, 2016)
Cut through the clutter with highly targeted, personalised messages that engage your audience and keep them opening time after time. Generate tangible, measurable results for your businesses.

This is how we can help you achieve best in class email marketing results:

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Marketing subscribers list growth

An email marketing campaign works best when it’s based on permission marketing. It’s practically pointless without a well-maintained list of opted-in contacts to send to. And even if you already have customer contact details, you still need to ensure you have their permission to get in touch. If you do, add these into your email service provider. If you need to build your subscriber list up, there are many effective and compliant ways to do it. Not only will this make your email marketing more profitable, but it will help you keep your database GDPR compliant ahead of the legislation change in 2018.

Email content

The secret to a successful email strategy lies in Attention grabbing, relevant email subjects, Interesting, persuasive copy that speaks directly to the customer, inspires Desire for your product and results in Action. AIDA is one of the most effective, yet simplest copywriting frameworks you can use for your email marketing and other marketing materials. From subject lines to calls to action, our direct marketing copywriters draw on years of know-how to craft a message that gets your customers to act.


Which subject line or call to action produces the best results? Which version of the copy yields the most conversions? We can answer all these questions for you with a / b testing, ensuring your campaigns are most effective. Email marketing depend on host of those tactics to achieve the best results. It also includes subscriber segmentation, managing opt-in preferences or staggering sends for maximum effect.


We’re driven by results, we’ll dive into campaign data and analyse to let you know exactly what worked, what didn’t, and how much revenue each send generated. Expect thorough, accurate reporting that gives you all the insights your business needs.